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The Two-decade Anniversary Celebration of Aditi Sangeet Niketan



Aditi Sangeet Niketan

A three-day spring festival has started at Kattali City Corporation Girls School and College ground on Wednesday to mark the two-decade anniversary of Aditi Sangeet Niketan, a traditional music company in North Kattali.

The Indian Assistant High Commission is assisting in this. Former Lion Governor and Vice Chairman of Confidence Cement Limited Lion Roopam Kishor Barua welcomed Ekushey Medal winning playwright Ahmed Iqbal Haider in 2021 at the festival which started with the celebration of Bangabandhu’s birth centenary.

We are hopeful of building a beautiful society through the practice of culture.

Aditi Sangeet Niketan

Abida Azad, president of the organization presided over the function. General Secretary of District Shilpakala Academy Saiful Alam Babu was the special guest. Council member secretary Dr. Kishor Acharya gave a welcome speech. Advocate Minhaj Uddin Russell, convener of the council, addressed the gathering.

Founder Tuntu Das Vijay and coordinator Jewel Sheel expressed their gratitude. The speakers said, “Aditi Sangeet Niketan has organized a three-day program like every year. Where there is no cultural practice, children embrace subculture.”

It is to be noted that 18th and on 19th March, Deshbaranya artists will perform music and dance in this festival. Free blood grouping and blood donation programs have also been organized.

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Projonmo Library: Call of Newish to The Passage of Generations



Projonmo Library

In the area under Akbarshah Thana of Chittagong, “Projonmo Library” has been set up by some young people. The present generation is moving forward with such a grand initiative to enlighten the new generation.

Akbar Shah Thana is one of the reputed places in Chittagong. It belongs to 9 No. North Pahartali and 10 No. North Kattali wards. This area is very large and populated. Such a large area has more or less everything, but not just a public library.

And so a public library called “Projonmo Library” has been set up at the initiative of a group of young people to make up for this imperfection and keep in mind the passage of future generations.

Projonmo Library’s Journey

The time is November, 2020. A good initiative brings together some school-college going students. The purpose is to establish an open library where everyone can read books. The name is assigned to “Projonmo Library”.

The specialty of this name is to work for the passage of generations. From what we have learned from childhood to the present day, it is known that only a book can remove all ignorance. Our hearts are purified in the intense light of knowledge.

Some young people in the area started working with this hope. The dream is to encourage their new generation to read books, to build an educated society. So the slogan “The Call of Newish to The Passage of Generations” came down to the passage of the generation.

They set out to educate the next generation with the aim of changing the subculture. Lake City residential area under Akbarshah Thana is a place for the people of this area to get rid of their leisure time on weekends.

With that goal in mind, they started organizing weekly book-cycles in this area of ​​natural beauty. The members started collecting books one by one on their own initiative. The number of members gradually increases with the number of books.

By promoting their ideological activities through social media, they find the book reader’s interest in the library. From that November onwards, their book exchange meetings are held on four Fridays of every month.

Today, the number of books in the Projonmo Library has crossed one hundred due to the love of the booksellers. This library of theirs will be more prosperous in front of each of them optimistic. Will be full of books.

Readers can come and read the book in solitude if they want. There will be lined shelves and categorized books. Everyone, young and old, will find and read their favorite books. The fulfillment of their dreams may not stop far away.

The journey of the members to build a permanent book abode on their own initiative began. Their inspiration and confidence “We can all come together if we want to build this diverse dream. Build an enlightened future and a well-educated generation.”

An ideal social structure should be built around the library. A society is never full without libraries and education. They are also trying to fill their minds. Maybe one day their dream will be possible with the cooperation of everyone.

Their request is, “Let us all come forward to give the next generation the gift of a prosperous library.”

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