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R.M. Jaber Hossen Ayon: A Successful Entrepreneur from Bangladesh



Jaber Hossen Ayon

R.M. Jaber Hossen Ayon, a student of the Government Bangla College, has been a successful entrepreneur in the Aristocratical Restaurant business. Although he was born in Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, he currently lives in Dhaka.

In several restaurant businesses and e-commerce businesses, he has been known as a young entrepreneur to everyone. From his childhood, his dream was to become an entrepreneur. At first, he started his business with AFC Chinese & Restaurant, Burger Zone, Tehri Mastan, but now his successful venture is Dream Cafe.

When he was asked about his business, R.M. Jaber Hossen Ayon said, “Before I started the business I had only one thought in my mind that I have to do something. That’s why my family has supported me enough. My childhood dream was to never get a job but to give people job opportunities. I will be an entrepreneur myself. That’s why I used to do some small business in the beginning. At first, I started with AFC Chinese Restaurant. Then in 2020, I started Dream Cafe. Currently, it can be called a fairly successful initiative of mine.”

Ayon further said, “When I came to Dhaka in 2014, the plan was to do business. But I was hesitant to do what to do. At one stage, I would not have a decision to trade. After finalizing this decision, I started the restaurant business.”

He also said, “In the first capital, I started the ‘AFC Restaurant’ with seven lakh rupees, but I sold it after a few years. Then in 2020, he started ‘Dream Cafe.’ There is another restaurant called ‘Cloud Kitchen.’ I only sell Tehri here. This business is conducted online.”

Ayon said, “I started ‘Dream Cafe’ with only 12 employees. But the hope is to get a lot of buyers. We try to provide good food according to the needs of the buyers. Only customers do not come to eat in the Dream Cafe, here are five photos corners to take pictures as well as a kids zone. Children can enjoy themselves in the Kid’s zone. That is why there is a crowd of customers all the time.”

About the plans, Ayon said, “We want to make the company bigger and give job opportunities to more people. There is also a running project of mine called ‘Easy Mert.’ It is an e-commerce business. This allows buyers to order everything they need at home.”

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Najmul Hussen: A Young Bangladeshi Musical Artist



najmul hussen

Najmul Hussen (Born 12 January 2000) is a Bangladeshi Visual & Musical Artist. He works on modern pop music created mashup, EDM and a fusion of traditional music with contemporary techno and urban beats.

His music is mainly influenced by Bangladeshis, while he was living in the sylhet as a student. He is the son of the Anu Miah and Ruhena begum’s. He’s father a Businessman & mother housewife. He has also produced music in sylheti music. He won sylheti balaganj National certified for Best Mashup artist for the sylheti much love music (2021).

Najmul Hussen has wanted to be a singer since he was a child; he used to attend any singing-related function and was always ready to perform! He was a member of the singing groups “District Shilpakala Academy” and “Sylheti Shilpi Gosthi.”

He joined “District Shilpakala Academy” in 2010 and was trained by other vocalists! In 2015, he left “Shilpakala Academy” and, began singing various genres of songs and also performed on a few occasions in 2017–18.

Najmul Hussen was always looking for new ways to make people laugh, and one day he came up with the idea of making funny videos. He began posting videos to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram!

He went viral in 2018 for some of his short videos! His videos have received over 2 million views on YouTube and other video platforms. It took him a few years to catch people’s attention, but he is now well known as the Musical Artist.

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